Features a Fall or Spring excursion, but also includes a 30 minute tour of a 9000 sq ft Squam house, originally built in 1900, and rebuilt with re-purposed materials and goods. The wood and other treasures used throughout the house came from historic demolitions, old barns, salvage yards across the country and from the original structures on the property.  Revolutionary War pavers, foundation stones and bricks came from sidewalks in Portsmouth, and from a dismantled building of similar vintage which had been part of the New Hampton Prep School. Some of the windows and doors came from Dartmouth and Bowdoin College.  The home was featured in New Hampshire HOME Magazine in the March/April 2012 edition.  The property was part of the former Camp Aloha a summer tutoring camp founded in 1904. The wife of the house is a set designer and has done movie sets for Golden Pond's Academy Award Winner Ernest Thompson. She may be present upon request to participate in the tour of the house.  This promises to be one of the most unique properties you will ever see.

Thank you so very much for sharing your beloved Squam Lake with us! Your great enthusiasm made the boat ride so enjoyable, along with the wonderful tour of your dear friend’s beautiful home! Bought the magazine and so enjoyed the article and photos, and to think ‘We were there’!’

On Golden Pond will be extra special when we watch it again-because of you! It is on our Netflix list already. Thanks again for your kindness to us!

God’s Blessing to you and your family.
— B and D


  • 2.5 hour excursion

  • $310 Spring for up to 6 people. $40 extra for each additional person after 6.

  • $365 Fall for up to 6 people.. $45 extra for each additional person after 6.

  • Only Available in the Spring and Fall

*11 person max capacity on all excursions